Work with me

I’ve found the biggest obstacle in growing your business is Solopreneur thinking “I AM my business” as opposed to CEO thinking “I am the CEO who runs my business”.

This separation makes ALL the difference in the world and allows you to stay in your zone of genius instead of micromanaging all the different parts.

Working with me you will get a gentle nudge to step fully into your role as CEO, knowing that you have a trusted partner in the business and don’t have to take responsibility for everything (even when you have a team!)

What a relief not having to be ALL the things – and think of the energy you’ll get back into the bargain.


  • Waking up in the morning looking forward to work and embracing your role as CEO
  • Feeling energised now you have someone onboard with whom to brainstorm strategy, develop the business direction, and create a plan to get there
  • Getting back your sense of fulfilment focused 100% on your top clients and THEIR business dreams
  • Trusting the day-to-day tasks are being completed as your plans are implemented
  • Letting go as the team are being seamlessly managed (all without you)
  • Feeling excited about where the business could go and how many other businesses YOU can empower to make the world a better place!
  • Finally knowing your business is in safe hands giving you space to switch off and really relax in your downtime

My absolute favourite work is to support CEO’s with recruitment and team management. I’m all about the people – making sure you and the team are happy and everything in the plan is getting done on time!

Strategic Business Planning

Turning your vision into an annual plan, then breaking that down into 90 day chunks. Imagine the feeling of knowing you have a clear roadmap of where you want to go, the team is onboard with your vision, and implementing the day-to-day so you can focus on growing the business and your top 1-2-1 clients.


We review your Organizational Chart to identify the ideal hire, focusing on skills, culture, and values. I manage the hiring process, alleviating the burden of CV screening. We interview the top three candidates collaboratively for seamless decision-making.

Team Management & Training

You’re liberated from daily micromanagement, allowing focus on your business’s core. I handle team happiness, project management, and new hire training, ensuring alignment with business culture beyond tasks.

Project Management

The project management tool is being used efficiently, milestones are in place, the team’s tasks tracked, allowing you to relax knowing current projects are all on target.

Metrics Tracking

Finally the numbers are being reviewed and measured on a regular basis (something you never seem to have time to do!) We know immediately if things are going off track AND figure out the best steps to take to get back on the right trajectory.

SOP Creation

Business processes are all documented in detail, finally taking everything out of your head! Creating systems not only provides order in the business but allows any team member to easily step in and take over tasks if a colleague is away.


Ditch the overwhelm and confusion of comparing online tools, as your OBM does the legwork and comes back to you with a suggestion for what will work best, and simple next steps to get it implemented.


Releasing a new product or programme into the world? I’ll take away the headache of fguring out everything that needs to be done, by creating a detailed Launch plan with every step assigned to a specific member of the team. Imagine a smooth launch with built in space for last minute pivots should the need arise.


Supporting you to get clear on strategy, and helping you work through the blocks where you are getting in your own way. Understanding mindset and beliefs are the biggest way we hold ourselves back.

We will likely be a great fit if:

  • You have a six-figure revenue with a steady stream of clients
  • You are working with a virtual team of contractors getting things done
  • You value integrity and being an “ethical” business is super important to you
  • You know you can’t grow without help (and are ready to start to let go of the “baby” that’s your business)
  • You work with change-maker clients who are making a difference in the world (and it’s really important to you)
  • You are looking for a true business “partner” to empower you get to the next stage
  • You believe your team should have autonomy (even though you’re not very good at being “hands off” – yet)
  • You are open to looking at doing things differently and being radically responsible for the choices you make in your life
  • Your own values are non-negotiable and the foundation for your business

We will probably NOT be a good fit if:

  • You are at the business start up stage with a great idea but nothing else in place yet
  • You are in this on your own, there’s no-one else to help
  • You are (if you are honest) just in it for the money
  • You can’t imagine not being in control (of everything)
  • You don’t have a clear idea of who you want to work with yet
  • You don’t want to “partner” with anyone (after all you’re the boss)
  • You don’t see anything wrong with micro-management
  • You are not open to change and think life “happens to you” – and don’t want the responsibility for owning your life choices
  • You don’t believe values have a place in the business world