Have you lost your sense of who you are?

As a human in mid-life do you feel disconnected with who you used to be and not quite sure what you’re evolving into?

Has your identity been squashed in what feels like the day-to-day struggle of just being alive (ESPECIALLY during the pandemic!)? Are you struggling with the all too real physical and emotional changes in your body and mind brought on my peri/menopause?

What the heck happened to the unconventional renegade and rule-breaking human you used to be? Are you feeling uncertain about “what’s next” – please god not more of the same and is your self-doubt running high?

Experiencing self-doubt is completely normal, especially when you’re thinking about making changes in your life

And sadly, it ALWAYS feels far less scary to stay in your comfort zone, right?

Please know that your self-doubt has NOTHING to do with your capability and EVERYTHING to do with keeping you safe. It has been doing a great job in protecting you from psychological risk all these years and it does a terrible job of distinguishing between being chased by a tiger and having that uncomfortable conversation with a loved one.

Lovely human, you can develop a dialogue with this part of yourself to disrupt its patterns, and compassionately build self-belief, self-acceptance, self-trust and self-worth.

The good news? You’ve come to the right place!

Hey I’m Kate and I’m a self-belief coach specialising in supporting mid-life women, re-discover who they are and what they want, to create brilliant, purposeful lives for their next chapter.

I hate that once you get to “middle-age” the world sees you as “past it” and of no bloody value. So it’s my mission to help you go ALL IN ON YOUR LIFE.

Hell you’ve (likely) got to more than half way through your years on this planet and I’m SURE you don’t want to just drift through the rest without purpose!

Let’s start a revolution of cool-assed middle years humans defiantly living our best lives on OUR terms!

Before working with Kate, I found myself stuck in a spin – logically I knew the change I needed to make, yet I couldn’t get started. Avoidance, procrastination, doom scrolling – anything but getting started. (Beyond my own will power, I had read up on lots of advice, watched videos and followed lots of experts with limited success).

I had no hesitation working with Kate – her extensive coaching education and experiments, combined with her playful and warm nature made it an easy yes.

Kate’s ongoing Voxer support and the experiments we agreed in our first session, enabled me to achieve a new level of visibility in my business, show up more as myself and to grow my level of comfort in being on camera.

If you are entering into a new space – at home, work or beyond – and find yourself spinning, stuck in inaction, then Kate is the person who can help you pause, breathe, and move forward with the right mindset and motivation.

I bloody loved it, thank you!

Sarae Pratt Coach Trainer PilatesSarae Pratt, UK

How can self-belief coaching help you?

I’d love to help you dig deep and find out what makes you tick – be it re-discovering the renegade human of your youth, or liberating a whole new persona from here on out. Life most definitely doesn’t need to happen to us, we ALWAYS have choice, so what’s your choice going to be?

Please know, there’s room for ALL of you in coaching. It’s safe for you to bring the big bold ideas AND the quieter whispers that are longing to be heard.

I’m convinced that self-doubt is the biggest thing that holds us back, and by gently uncovering its root causes, can definitely move into a place of greater self-belief and self-trust.

Through our coaching together I can support you to take small doable steps to create a life aligned with your values, that really lights you up.

Self Belief Coaching

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A note about inclusivity: my work is NOT only for cis-gendered, able-bodied, heterosexual white women with children. (I decided at age 5 that I was never going to marry a man or have kids – and in my mid-50s I’ve stuck with that, so my own life has not fit into that mould). To be clear when I use the term “woman” I am always referring to the widest possible definition of that term to include any folks that identify in that way, not forgetting non-binary humans as well.

As a coach I firmly believe that YOU are the expert on your own life, and it would be ridiculous for me to claim to know where you are coming from. However, I am actively committed to working on understanding my own privilege and making my work as inclusive as possible.

And self-doubt absolutely does sit alongside the wider societal context of each of our own unique experiences of privilege and lack thereof. (Not forgetting, capitalistic toxic productivity so be-loved of the patriarchy, which is real and influences us all).