I’ve worked both in corporate and as a marketer for small businesses. I now focus on coaching senior women in marketing, helping them create a fulfilling next chapter on THEIR terms.

I understand…

  • What it’s like to work inside a toxic organisation

  • What it’s like to have forgotten about the dreams of your younger self

  • How you lost your sense of yourself as work took over
  • How single-pointed focus on your career can ruin your relationships
  • How menopausal symptoms feel like they are exacerbating everything

  • Thinking it’s too late, you are too old to change

My own wake up call was my Mum being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2018

(Always a shock, right, as we tend to think our parents are going to live forever).

In the final days of her life, she told me she had no regrets…which really made me stop and think about my own life. I realised that somehow along the way I’d given up on my dreams of creating a thriving coaching business, and I was spurred on to follow my Mum’s example and be intentional about living the life I really wanted.

I now coach women to get a clear sense of direction and make the difference THEY want to in the world – just like my Mum did.

The truth is that it’s very common, and what Brene Brown terms the “mid-life unravelling”, when it feels like all the coping mechanisms you’ve developed thus far start failing. You can no longer ignore the quiet (or loud) insistent inner voice challenging pretty much everything you’ve believed about yourself and life to date.

What if instead this was an opportunity to take stock of your life, do something that is more rewarding, and create a life on YOUR terms?

It’s NOT too late…

Picture of Kate and her Mum

“Kate was so easy to talk to and connect with. She really helped me to process my own thoughts into a clear actionable plan to support my career next steps and future ambitions. Her understanding of the industry and the challenges makes her really well placed as a great coach.”

Testimonial from Amy WeedonAmy Weedon, UK

Fun Fact #1

My first girl-crush was at 15 (but the homophobic culture in my all girls school sent me straight into the closet and I didn’t come out until I was 20).

Fun Fact #2

I swam a mile when I was 10 (I was always a marathon rather than a sprint kind of human).

Fun Fact #3

I left home at 18 to live in a squat on one of the most notorious estates in South London. (I now own my own home and see no conflict with my earlier self).

Fun Fact #4

I heard Angela Davis speak at UCSD when I was an exchange student in San Diego in 1986. (She was, and is, a brilliant human and inspiration for standing up for what’s right).

Fun Fact #5

I “moonlighted” as a dancer in the Lusty Lady, a woman-run peep show in Seattle, while working my day job in Investor Relations at a bank opposite.

Fun Fact #6

I went to my first yoga class in London when I was 19, and I’ve been practising both ever since. I completed my yoga teacher training in 2016 (for my own learning).