Business Strategy Intensive

You’ve been running your business successfully for a few years, but now it’s plateaued and you feel stuck.

You love your work and have been pretty much managing everything yourself, but it’s all got too much and you are constantly overwhelmed by everything that has to be done,

You know you need help but the thought of letting go of control leaves you feeling panicked. The business is your “baby” – how can you trust anyone else to support you?

The Solopreneur thinking “I AM by business” is very common and the biggest obstacle to growth. As soon as you shift your view to being the “CEO who runs your business” the necessary separation takes place to hire others to help you grow.

You’ve a ton of ideas in your head about where your business could go but you don’t know where to start.

What you need is my Business Strategy Intensive.

We work together to get all the ideas out of your head and onto paper. We’ll clarify what’s important, and what might just be a distraction until you have a clear Vision of where you want to take your business going forward.

But a Vision on paper is simply a dream, so the second half of the process is turning it into an actionable Plan.

Business Strategy Intensive

How it works

  • We have a 30-minute Discovery Call to see if we are a good fit.
  • We agree on a date for the Business Strategy Intensive, sign contracts, and set up payment.
  • We meet on Zoom on the chosen day. In the morning we work on clarifying your Vision, in the afternoon we craft your Plan.
  • I’ll go away and produce a written Plan with recommendations of next steps / 90 days (emailed to you within one week).

What you get…

  • A day to clarify all the ideas in your head to create a Vision for your business, and turn that into a Plan to get you there.
  • A written Plan with recommendations for your goals and priorities over the next 90 days
  • Bonus follow up 60-minute call in one month for accountability

Investment: £1500 (approx $1900)

Business Strategy Services

Kate supported me to create the strategy for the newsletter that sits on my blog, and ensure that it supported my wider social media strategy. She also set the whole thing up for me on Mailchimp, customizing the content, look and feel to meet the newsletter’s objectives. I get constant positive feedback for it, it looks fabulous, and more importantly meets the objectives it was set up for.

Christine Livingston TestimonialChristine Livingston

Ready to get this show on the road?

I can’t wait to meet you! Book a free 30-minute Discovery Call with me on Zoom – I’ll answer any questions you may have, and (most importantly) we can see if we’re a good fit.