Get That One Thing Done

Is there a task that keeps getting moved on your To Do List? Something you have been putting off for months even though you KNOW it has to be done?

Despite your best intentions you never seem to be able to start, yet alone complete it. You have no idea why you can’t just knuckle down, but even thinking about it sends you doom scrolling as if your life depended on it!

The reason you can’t get going has NOTHING to do with your capability, and EVERYTHING to do with your mindset, and until that gets shifted the thing honestly won’t get done.

In one 90-minute session we will discover what’s behind your procrastination and gently shift your mindset so you not only get started but (finally) complete that one thing.

After, you have my virtual ear by Voxer (the free walkie talkie app) for a month until we meet for a 30-minute follow-up call for accountability.

Ready to tick that one thing off your list? Great, let’s get started!

Get That One Thing Done

How it works

  • You complete a detailed questionnaire to clarify the one thing you wish to work on

  • We meet for 90 minutes together on Zoom
  • Support on Voxer for one month to keep you on track
  • 30 minute follow up call for supported accountability(4 weeks later)

What you get…

  • Clarity on what’s been stopping you, and a plan to overcome this with a new way forward
  • Accountability for a full month after our call – eliminating the excuses that have kept you stuck up until now.

  • That one irritating (but essential) task finally completed – without the headache.

Investment: £300 ($380)

Before working with Kate, I found myself stuck in a spin – logically I knew the change I needed to make, yet I couldn’t get started. Avoidance, procrastination, doom scrolling – anything but getting started. With Kate’s ongoing Voxer support and the experiments we agreed in our first session enabled me to achieve a new level of visibility in my business, show up more as myself and to grow my level of comfort in being on camera.

Sarae Pratt Coach Trainer PilatesSarae Pratt

Ready to get this show on the road?

I can’t wait to meet you! Book your session and let’s get that one thing ticked off your list for good.