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Are you dreading “what’s next” on the roller-coaster of mid-life?

  • When the hormonal changes of peri/menopause start to take hold and it feels scarily unsettling

  • The physical changes that creep up leaving you feeling your body no longer belongs to you

  • When the brain fog rolls in – it can feel like you’ll never remember anything again!

Underlying this is our (patriarchal) society’s view of the menopause (and what mid-life should look like). It only ever seems to be talked about in hushed tones, if it’s mentioned at all – we’re set up to feel like there’s something wrong with us before we even start!

(Thank god in recent times a handful of well-known women are beginning to defy the myths that this stage of life is simply an “embarrassment”, and the door is creaking open for a more nuanced, healthy approach).

AND renegade human, however much you defy the “cultural norms” of how women are seen, with “youth and beauty” being so highly prized, it can STILL be hard to acknowledge that your body and your life is changing.

(Not forgetting this narrowly defined view ONLY encompasses thin, white, able-bodied, cis-gendered women, and obviously deserves to be dumped on the scrap heap with all the other bigotted ideas!)

It is completely understandable that your sense of self feels to be on shaky ground. In psychological terms your self-concept is re-forming as you adapt to and make peace with the changes mid-life brings.

I completely understand how you’re feeling…

At 52 peri-menopause started to seep into my life, and at first I did my utmost to just ignore it. My logic being: if I didn’t address menopause then I couldn’t be in it, right?!

It took a day-long menopause yoga workshop with a small group of fellow mid-life women to start to accept the changes AND do so on my own terms.

There is nothing “inevitable” about how you feel about this stage of life, and as always, there is room for nuance, embracing the challenges as well as the relief (and excitement) that you can create your own way going forward.

And you always have choices and options.

What if you could get back to being that badass and renegade human?

What if you could find a sense of genuine groundedness and self-acceptance?

A Velocity Session is just the thing to take
your first doable step

We will work together to help you uncover the one thing that, for you, will have the most impact on feeling at home within yourself.

I’m all in with you, and we’ll create a brave space together for you to make the shift you’re longing for…

You get 90 minutes of my focused attention on YOU.

You will end up with a clear understanding of what’s going on, and small do-able steps to take away to help move you forward.

4-6 weeks later we will meet for a 30-minute follow up to check in how you are doing (and keep you accountable if this is what you are looking for).

In between you have my virtual ear via Voxer – the walkie-talkie app giving you easy access to my brain to support you.

(This is a perfect opportunity for you to “dip your toes” into what coaching with me is like. If this session brings up other stuff, like “how can I make the most of the time I have left on this planet!”, we can continue working together in one of my longer term coaching programmes).

Kind Words

Thanks for the coaching session this is how my experiments have gone…

I noticed how ready I am to not make a priority of myself, even when coffee and cake are involved! I realised how little I think about what I want and what nourishes me. I also realised that this probably translates to thinking and writing about my work. If I approach it by considering the happiness it brings me I feel slightly less daunted!

It’s been an interesting process. Thanks so much! xx

AJ - Scotland

Working with you was very empowering and fun at the same time. I think you have a great personality which shines through and motivated me to achieving my goals.

MB – Berlin

Working with Kate has been an amazing journey. She is calm, positive, and assertive. Kate doesn’t rush the answers and holds magnificently the uncomfortable moments of realisation.

MBC – London

I like the space the coaching provided.  You held silence beautifully, giving me the responsibility. You made links that were helpful to me, and prized my achievements, which helped me to do the same.

JF – Brighton

I started coaching with Kate a few weeks ago and I am already experiencing quite a transformation in myself. It’s a lot of work but you have made it so effortless and an enjoyable experience where others have definitely failed.

TQ – Cardiff

Is a Velocity Session for you?

  • You have one thing in your life right now that you want to work on (rather than a bigger area of your life, like work or relationships)

  • You want to explore a belief, pattern, behaviour, decision

  • You’ve been thinking a lot about something, but can’t figure out your first doable step

  • You want to “dip your toes” into coaching (without committing to a longer-term programme yet)

What you’ll take away

  • An understanding of how your self-doubt is showing up (and what it’s protecting you from)

  • An exploration of what else could be true (allowing you to let go of unhelpful beliefs that no longer serve you)
  • Small experiments to test out your self-belief (always with curiosity and compassion)

Who am I and why am I here talking to you about mid-life self-belief?

Hey I’m Kate, and I’m a self-belief coach specialising in supporting mid-life women re-discover who they are and what they want, to create brilliant, purposeful lives for their next chapter.

I hate that once you get to “middle-age” the world sees you as “past it” and of no bloody value. So it’s my mission to help you go ALL IN ON YOUR LIFE.

Hell you’ve (likely) got to more than half way through your years on this planet and I’m SURE you don’t want to just drift through the rest without purpose!

Let’s start a revolution of cool-assed middle years humans defiantly living our best lives on OUR terms!

What happens next?

There are 5 steps to the Velocity session:

  1. Click on the button to book your Velocity session now.
  2. Complete the pre-session questionnaire in the booking process – to get to the heart of who you are right now and the issue you would like help with.
  3. The Velocity Session – 90 minutes on Zoom. Together, we’ll look at where you are at right now, where you want to be, and the obstacles in your way. You’ll leave with clarity, new perspectives and a doable plan of action steps to take you forward, so you can be and do things differently.
  4. Between your Velocity Session and follow up call you have my virtual ear via Voxer – the walkie-talkie app giving you easy access to my brain to support you.
  5. 4-6 weeks after the session we’ll meet up for a 30-minute call for supported accountability.

Investment: One off payment of £300

You have the Q’s, I have the A’s…

Are the sessions recorded?2022-05-01T16:53:15+00:00

Yes, if you choose, just let me know. After the call I will send you a link to view/download from Dropbox.

Where will the sessions take place?2022-05-01T16:53:09+00:00

All our coaching will take place online on Zoom (if you haven’t already installed the app on your computer/phone it is free to do so).

What if I want more coaching?2022-06-08T08:32:51+00:00

This is a great place to start and find out if you want us to work together longer term. If you do, brilliant! The Mid-Life Reset is a 3 or 6-month coaching programme (all the details can be found here).

Are there refunds?2022-05-01T16:52:56+00:00

Please book with intention as the fee is not refundable. If in doubt reach out to me before you book: kate@katebacon.com

If I haven’t answered your question here please contact me.

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