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Setting goals
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Business owners all need thinking time – space away from client work to look at where you are, where you want to be, and, at the end of the day, sometimes to get back in touch with what inspired you in the first place.

The last week has been my time to re-connect with my “why” – what inspires me to get out of bed in the morning – and re-evaluate with whom I really want to work. First off I asked for help – not my natural inclination as I believe in complete self-sufficiency (sometimes to my cost!) My original blog post received so many comments, I was completely overwhelmed.

I have also been beautifully assisted by El Edwards with her Dream Catching work in this process. I’m very grateful to El, and for the opportunity to work with Sandi Amorim from Deva Coaching next week as one of her “Customer Love” clients for the month of February. This has truly been “a month of love” so far…

I’m not quite there yet…but have been having great fun being inspired to be completely true to myself in mapping out my “Ideal Client”. I can tell you she’s called “Ruby” (weird I know, but some of the best advice I’ve received has been to give your perfect client a name and build up a complete character profile for them – only then can you start tweaking your website copy imagining you are writing just for this person, nice huh?)

I’ve banished all thoughts of scarcity and working with potential clients I just didn’t “get”, or who (horror) needed “convincing” about my services, in favour of naturally attracting passionate, inspiring peeps, running successful businesses – where we both say “yes” simultaneously as we know we are perfect to work with each other.

Exciting times lie ahead…after all this is just the kind of work I love to do with clients – helping them clarify their marketing message and how they want to portray themselves online. Is there a better way to really “get” where my clients may be, than from having been there myself? Probably not…

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